EABS Research Grants

The EABS Research Grants are intended to support well-defined research projects of high quality in Biblical Studies and related areas, by enabling their authors to participate in the EABS Annual Conference, present papers related to their research, and establish or enhance working relationships with other researchers in their field.

Every year, EABS will award up to two Research Grants of €800. It is possible for a team consisting of two EABS members to apply for a Research Grant together, provided that they meet all the eligibility criteria (see below), but the amount awarded will remain the same.

The review panel reserves the right not to award a grant in a given year.

The 2019 EABS Annual Meeting will take place in Warsaw, Poland, 11-14 August 2019. The deadline to submit grant applications for those planning to attend this meeting is the end of January 2019.

A full description of the grants and their purpose, eligibility criteria, and application guidelines can be found here

The Annual Conference is
in Warsaw 11-14 August 2019.
More information
can be found here.