Guidelines for Chairs

The committee of EABS is highly appreciative of the important work that you do as chair of a research group. Your contribution is crucial for maintaining high quality academic programs in our society.

Guidlines for 2020-2021

Due to the postponement of the EABS Annual Meeting 2020 in Wuppertal to 2021, the process will be slightly different for the 2021 conference.

Annual deadlines

Throughout the year, there are a few key deadlines. Not meeting them may mean that your research group cannot meet in a given year. Please ensure that you provide EABS with an active email address to which deadline notifications will be sent. Please see here for important dates and deadlines for the 2021 EABS Conference in Wuppertal.

Autumn: Send updated research unit information for your webpage to our administrative assistant:

  1. Names, affiliations and email addresses of Chairs
  2. Programme (description of your research goals and methodologies);
  3. Current Call for Papers
  4. Publications
  5. Information on previous years’ sessions (topic description, presenters names and title of the presented paper).

Winter: Abstract submission system is open

Early Spring: Review papers 

  • Send notes of acceptance/ refusal to those who proposed papers for the session. 
  • If your group receives only one high quality abstract submission, please consider yielding this submission to another group into whose subject area it might fit.
  • One speaker may present up to three papers during the conference, but not more than three.

Early Spring: Complete session schedules 

  • Submit the complete program of the session to the EABS program coordinator.  It is very important that you include any scheduling conflicts at this stage otherwise it might not be possible to accommodate them.
  • Send drafts of the session’s papers to respondents ahead of the meeting, so they may have the necessary time to prepare well-argued responses—relevant only to sessions with a planned response section.
  • Please remind all speakers to join EABS if they are not members yet and to register for the conference. If a speaker is unable to participate in the conference, please ask them to inform you as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that all participants in the session, whether they are chairs, speakers or respondents, have all the support (such as, e.g., AV, accessibility requirements) that they need for holding a successful session.

Chairing a session at the conference:

  • Get in touch with all speakers in the session and provide them with an email address at which you can be contacted.
  • Remind speakers to inform you of any AV needs.
  • During the session please respect the time allotted to each paper and to discussion. Take a appropriate measures for the optimal running of the session. Please bear in mind EABS’ policy on professional conduct.


EABS Chairs Website Tutorial 

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