A Critical History of Exegesis Since Around 1900


Recently, research on the history of exegesis (‘Forschungs-/Exegesegeschichte’) has been accumulating. On the one hand, this relates to feminist projects such as “The Bible and Women”, on the other hand to the ongoing post-colonial debates. However, there are also older discourses, e.g. Jew-Hatred in the time of National Socialism in Germany or the research on the emergence of historical-critical methodology or the most important Protestant biblical scholars in the 20th century. However, there is a broad preoccupation and previous methodological experience with this topic, but the research is little connected with each other and seems to be more of an ‘enthusiast’s topic’. Furthermore, the opportunities and limits of international cooperation, the visualisation of non-European hermeneutics and the opportunities of digital humanities have hardly been explored yet.


We focus on the period since around 1900. In principle, the focus is on biblical scholars, but contributions to researchers from Semitic studies, Jewish studies, and archaeology of the Levant or ANES etc. are welcome.


History of Exegesis, Christian-Jewish Relations and Antisemitism, feminist and gender approaches, Hermeneutics, post-colonial Studies


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Ludger Hiepel

University of Münster


Benedikt J. Collinet

University of Innsbruck

Sofia 2024 Call for Papers

The history of exegesis has recently gained interest, be it through feminist approaches, the Black Lives Matter movement, postcolonialism, (new) antisemitism, #IamHanna or simply out of historical interest.

For this reason, we invite you to engage with the history of research since around 1900. The new Resarch Unit “A critical History of Exegesis since around 1900” will focus on “Index, censorship, and the development of Historical Critical Exegesis” at the EABS Meeting 2024.
For our Meeting is set in Bulgaria, we also encourage papers on Eastern and South-Eastern European History of Exegesis.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts!