The Book of Jeremiah


Jeremiah occupies a special place within the prophets. It is distinguished from the other Latter Prophets under various aspects, among others its textual problems, composition and dynamic of the book, degree of intertextual relationships, motifs (like the issue of false prophecy, or the concentration on Jerusalem’s fall in 587, involving trauma and the question of hope), presentation of characters, spiritual orientation, and theology. Nearly all of these aspects are subject of discussion in recent research. The research unit will tackle these issues and others as far as they are related to Jer (exegesis and theology), starting from the text in its original language(s). Participants in the online research seminar ‘Yirmeyahu’ (in French or English, depending on the sessions) will be delighted to welcome any scholar interested in the study of Jer to the meetings of this research unit.


Jeremiah, Text, Theology, Special Features

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Cyprien Comte

Toulouse Catholic University

Carly L. Crouch
Radboud University Nijmegen

Georg Fischer
Innsbruck University

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Sofia 2024 Call for Papers

We invite scholars to present their recent research on Jeremiah at the EABS conference in Sofia 2024. There will be a workshop together with the "Prophets and Prophecy" group on Jeremiah 6. In addition, papers in English and for on-site presentations are especially welcome on the following topics:

  • the composition and dynamic of the Book of Jeremiah, on the level of texts or larger blocks

  • intertextuality in the Book of Jeremiah, more broadly (tendencies, motifs, criteria, direction of dependence)

  • important motifs (false prophets; fall of Jerusalem; character presentation).

Our research unit requests short presentations (ten minutes) and handouts (of one page, with structure, main arguments, and results) three weeks before the beginning of the congress (by June 24), to allow for a good preparation beforehand and fruitful discussions.