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The constitutive idea of this seminar is to treat Early Christianity as a multivalent phenomenon, characterized by a fundamental diversity. The focus is on interchanges and interactions between various groups and movements in the ancient Mediterranean world that had an impact on developing Christianity, including the interrelations between various Christian groupings. Papers offered to this seminar may focus on both canonical and non-canonical writings as well as other source materials and may apply a variety of methods. We highly encourage interdisciplinary approaches and particularly welcome contributions that cross boundaries between traditional disciplines.


New Testament, Apostolic Fathers, New Testament Apocrypha, Non-canonical Literature, Martyrs, Early Church

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Kim Fowler
University of Groningen

Paul Middleton
University of Chester

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Sofia 2024 Call for Papers

For the 2024 Annual Conference in Sofia, the Early Christianity unit will hold two sessions:

Money within Early Christian Life and Imagination

There are numerous clues to the multifaceted ways early Christianity thought about and even to some degree influenced money and its use in both the literary and material record. Early Christian literature from the New Testament onwards discusses the moral implications of monetary wealth as it impinges on issues of morality and ethics; tensions between Christian life and obligations as a resident within the Roman Empire (taxes etc.); and financial obligations towards/benefits received from the church community. Moreover, in some coinage minted under emperors from Constantine onwards, we see the intertwining of Christian symbology with the currency of the Empire, where it participated in a powerful propaganda tool. We are keen to receive treatments of both literary and material evidence, and are interested in papers that address these themes across different geographic and linguistic spheres represented in early Christianity. 

We are exploring possibilities for publishing either a special journal issue or edited volume on this theme, which could include some revised contributions offered to this year’s Conference. 

Open Call

For our second session, we invite paper proposals that address any topic within the scope of the research unit’s focus. We encourage explorations of biblical and non-biblical early Christian literature, patristics, and materiality, and are open to novel and emerging methodologies as well as more traditional approaches.