Intersections: A Forum for Research on Ancient Israel, Hebrew Bible, and Cognate Topics


‘Intersections’ provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of the full range of methods and interdisciplinary investigations currently being applied to the study of the Hebrew Bible, ancient Israel, and cognate topics, including their contemporary receptions. It celebrates diversity and encourages presentations by scholars working in less-trodden areas/approaches. ‘Intersections’ aims at countering current tendencies toward the fragmentation of our field into separate mini/micro-fields and at furthering interactions among scholars using various approaches and working in different areas in order to stimulate new insights through cross-fertilization.


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Kristin Joachimsen
MF Norwegian School of Theology

Benedetta Rossi 
Pontifical Biblical Institute 

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Sofia 2024 Call for Papers

This session is open to all paper proposals related to studies concerning the Old Testament, Hebrew Bible, and Ancient Israel which do not fit in any of the other seminars or workshops.