Open Forum for New Testament and Early Christian Studies


‘The Open Forum’ is a place for exchanging and experimenting with new ideas about texts, methods and interdisciplinary approaches. These can be related to the New Testament, early Judaism or early Christianity, as well as their reception, in all possible forms. It celebrates diversity and invites presentations by scholars working in more adventurous areas and approaches. The Forum aims to counter tendencies toward the fragmentation of our field and encourages interaction between scholars working with a variety of approaches and sources. It aims to offer a stimulating environment for the creation of innovative and productive scholarship. 


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Louise Heldgaard
Aarhus University

Karin Berber Neutel

Umeå University

Ellen Aasland Reinertsen
University of Oslo

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Sofia 2024 Call for Papers

This session is open to all paper proposals related to studies concerning the New Testament and Early Christianity which do not fit in any of the other seminars or workshops.