Canonical Approaches to the Bible


After the discussions on framings, beginnings, and endings of biblical books and larger units in the last three years, the research group shifts its focus to a new and exciting topic: Torah as a basis of canon. The concept of Torah has seen a recent and resurging interest in the scholarly debate e.g. with the 2017 volume “The Invention of Judaism” by John J. Collins. The lexeme torah links the books of the Hebrew Canon from Genesis to Deuteronomy, from Joshua to 2 Kings, from Isaiah to Haggai, and from Psalms to 2 Chronicles. The partially corresponding Greek lexeme nomos is found in the Gospels and the letters of the New Testament. We do not want to limit our research to links created by these words but we seek to take a closer look with the following preliminary three-year program: 


In 2019, we invite case studies which deal with specific biblical texts as they relate to Torah and canon. In 2020, we focus on broader ethical, thematic, and theological themes. The topic of the third year, 2021, concerns groups or communities for which Torah as a concept does or, on the contrary, does not play an important role for their respective identity and how they consequently deal with those texts.




Literary Features, Narratology, Style, Hebrew Bible, Ancient Near East


Oliver Dyma
Catholic University of Applied Sciences Munich

Heiko Wenzel
Giessen School of Theology

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