Central Theologumena in the Narrative Texts of the Pentateuch



The Research Group “Central Theologumena in the Narrative Texts of the Pentateuch” focuses on theological concepts and traditions in the Pentateuch. Through a close reading of classical texts, such as Gen 17 and Exod 6, we hope to gain a better understanding of the individual passages beyond the different Pentateuch models. In addition, we aim to clarify the similarities and differences between different parts of the Pentateuch with book-overlapping papers on specific themes, such as creation, covenant and the Promised Land. We consider the textual-critical evidence with their specific understanding of the texts to be of utmost importance, and hope to detect theological developments beyond the boundaries of the Masoretic Text.

Every year, there will be one invited and one open session. Both diachronically and synchronically oriented papers are welcome.


Pentateuch, Manuscript Evidence, Theology, Narrative Structures, Reception


Franziska Ede

University of Göttingen

Peter Porzig

University of Göttingen

Reettakaisa Sofia Salo

University of Göttingen

Member Area

Wuppertal 2021 Call for Papers


In Wuppertal, our invited session will concentrate on central theologumena in the Primeval History (Gen 1–11). Possible subjects are creation, covenant and divine promises. We encourage tracking developments and differences of theological conceptions in comparison between Gen 1–11 and other passages from the Pentateuch. A further interest is the reception of these chapters in the Septuagint and in the texts from the Judean Desert.

In the open session, we welcome critical contributions on all narrative texts of the Pentateuch. We especially encourage junior scholars to submit abstracts. Papers may concentrate on both diachronic and synchronic aspects.