Developing Exegetical Methods


This unit aims to reach a more detailed and precise description of the processes of literary history in the Hebrew Bible. The main interest of the group is to develop exegetical methods by analyzing the synergy effects which will appear by combining various methodological perspectives on the text. In the first year we will concentrate on the literary history and tradition criticism, in the following on form criticism and tradition history, as well as on textual and literary history. One intention in the discussion of relations between different methodological approaches is to encourage also a discussion between different exegetical traditions.

Key Words:

Methodology, Metatexutuality, Literary History, Redaction Criticism, Conceptualisation


Raik Heckl
University of Leipzig

Thomas Wagner
University of Wuppertal

Member Area

Wuppertal 2021 Call for Papers

Reconstruction of Ancient Discourses

Biblical texts are fragments of cultural discourses within the ancient world. In order to understand the biblical text it is necessary to reconstruct the discourse to which the biblical text belonged. 
In our session we will reconstruct the ancient discourses from which the biblical texts emerged.

We invite contributions to expand the question of historical critical exegesis in examples and methodological contributions by the approach of discourse analysis. The discourse analysis may also be a helpful way to explore the literary-historical problems of the texts and biblical books. This is because the Volrlagen of our texts should also be seen as parts of the discourses.