Wisdom in Israel and in ANE Wisdom Literature


This unit seeks to provide a forum for the exploration of current and emerging approaches to and methodologies in the study of Wisdom Literature. The primary focus is on Biblical wisdom - Proverbs, Job, Qoheleth/Ecclesiastes, and the Wisdom Psalms, as well as Qumran wisdom texts and Deutero-Canonical works such as Ben Sira and the Wisdom of Solomon. The secondary focus is on wisdom literature from elsewhere in the Ancient Near East, insofar as these bear on our understanding of biblical wisdom texts. Our unit will hold two sessions each year, one of invited papers and the other of offered papers.


Wisdom, Proverbs, Ancient Near Eastern Wisdom, Job, Ecclesiastes, Sirach, Proverbs, Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom at Qumran


Katharine Dell
University of Cambridge

Tova Forti
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev 

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Wuppertal 2021 Call for Papers

This unit is not accepting any new proposals for the 2021 conference

This year 'Wisdom in Israel and in ANE wisdom literature' invites papers for an open session: 'The Theology of the Wisdom Literature': Questions include: Can we speak of a unified theology for this category? Indeed, is it a category at all? What are the key aspects of wisdom theology and how important is God in the thought of the sages? How does it fit in with the theology of the Hebrew Bible as a whole?

In addition, there will also be an invited session.