Antisemitism and Biblical Scholarship


The academy is one of the few places where it is possible to have a conversation about shared heritage across cultural and religious boundaries. At the same time, the academic conversation is shaped by inherited traditions of scholarship in which violent forms of discourse are entrenched. Historical criticism of the Bible, which emerged in the context of Protestant Christian theology, is challenged in its study with otherness; the Jewish people and their writings. The aim of the panel and sessions is to think about the interaction between scholarship and society, about the redemptive and destructive impact that scholarship can have, and about our responsibilities as citizens, scholars, students and teachers. We, together, hope that our own field can identify scholarly trends which have contributed to violence, racism and hatred.


Antisemitism, Biblical Scholarship



Arjan Bakker

University of Groningen


Hindy Najman

University of Oxford

Thomas Wagner
University of Wuppertal

Syracuse 2023 Call for Papers

This unit will have invited papers only for the 2023 conference.